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Services of eDrawback

• Innovative, efficient filing system, for quick recall of import/export documents
• Safe storage of necessary documentation
• Streamlined filing process

Benefits of eDrawback

• Recovery of import duties from the government
• No up-front costs; commission only
• No extra staff required
• Accelerated payment of refunds

Take advantage of US Legislation which enables the recovery of import duty paid!

If you export merchandise which was previously imported, you may be eligible to receive a government refund of 99% of import duty paid. Filing for this duty drawback is a complicated process; let the professionals at E-drawback take care of this for you! E-drawback works on a commission basis, so there are no upfront expenses. You can only gain by trying E-drawback! The need to save and access various documents for up to six years makes the duty drawback filing process difficult for many companies. Our innovative document storage system keeps your valued information safe and facilitates efficient access and recall. Our system streamlines the drawback filing process, so you can receive the refund you deserve, without hiring extra staff and without the nuisance of searching for old documents. We can recover for you, thousands of dollars of duty which would otherwise be lost! Contact E-drawback today and take the next step in excelling in the international marketplace!



WHAT IS A DUTY DRAWBACK? The legal definition for a duty drawback, as found in section 191.2(i) of the U.S. customs regulations is "the refund or remission, in whole or in part, of a customs duty, fee or internal revenue tax which was imposed on imported merchandise under federal law because of its importation, and the refund of internal revenue taxes paid on domestic alcohol as prescribed in 19 U.S.C. 1313(d)" Duty drawbacks are one of the oldest laws in the United States. Passed in 1789, duty drawbacks allow importers under certain conditions to receive a refund of taxes and duties paid upon importing merchandise. When imported merchandise is later exported within three years of importation, a duty drawback may be accessible. The rationale behind this law is to encourage American exports and products overseas as well as to aid American labor and manufacturing. On average, it's estimated that up to 85% of legally available drawbacks aren't claimed and are therefore forfeited to the government. Make sure that your company is not adding to this high statistic by contacting eDRAWBACK today.


Most companies are unaware of their legal rights to request a duty drawback. There are many different situations in which one could be eligible for a duty drawback. Below are the more common scenarios. By law, the drawback must be claimed within three years of exportation of the merchandise. As each day passes, more merchandise passes the three year expiration date. It is, therefore, essential to file the claim promptly. If you think your company is qualified for these rebates please contact us today.


The laws involved in properly applying for a duty drawback are cumbersome and complicated. For a company to try to do its own drawback filing is overwhelming and exhausting. It is likely that the company will either give up or have to hire additional staff just to deal with its duty drawbacks. It is probably for this reason that most companies don't even bother trying to recover their rightful refund. We at eDRAWBACK understand this frustration and are here to solve this problem. Using technology designed by importers, eDRAWBACK simplifies the process and takes on the burden of getting your money back. There is no longer any reason to hire additional staff or get frustrated with the lengthy paper work, eDRAWBACK is ready to do it all for you. The staff at eDRAWBACK has over thirty years of experience in submitting requests for duty drawbacks, with an expertise in filing petitions for special privileges. Our filing program allows you to view invoices and import documents from years back. This also keeps you in form with the legal obligation of an importer to hold onto these documents for five years. All payments for our services are taken exclusively from monies which we recover for you. If you don't benefit then we don't get paid. This adds a sense of trust and security to our customers which is very important to us. Another advantage of using eDRAWBACK as your duty drawbacks specialists is that we can expedite the payments from the government from up to a year down to a number of weeks. With nothing to lose and a lot to gain contact eDRAWBACK and see if your company is eligible for our services.

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